Tom Dranger – Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

1496 Pope Court, Suite 3, Chesterton, Indiana, United States 46304
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We provide financial advice and guidance as well as investment management services to families and small businesses. Advice and guidance may include accumulation strategies for goals, insurance and protection guidance, retirement income planning, Social Security and Medicare planning, estate planning including succession plans for small business owners and co-ordination with attorneys and accountants when appropriate. We believe in limiting the use of debt and living within your income, saving for the future, goal setting, wisely planning transfer of wealth to your family and community, generosity and protecting against unplanned events within our scope of financial guidance.

Years in Business:  21

# of employees: 6

Business hours:  Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm, Fri 8am-3pm.  *Appointments as needed

Phone Number: (219) 226-0800